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We offer online retailers real added value and support them in selling more successfully online.

Results first​

Results count more for us than set times. No half measures, but also no served hours.

Digital by default

A few years ago we closed our office and have been working 100% digitally and location-independent ever since.


We have always set ourselves high goals and do everything we can to get off to a sustainable start together.

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About Us

Our team of talented professionals combines extensive industry knowledge with creative problem-solving skills. We specialize in designing and developing robust ecommerce solutions that drive conversions, enhance user experiences, and accelerate business growth.

Shopify Solutions

We create and optimize Shopify shops to help online retailers of all sizes to sell more successfully online over the long term. For us, this includes above all speed, flexibility and sustainable growth. We firmly believe that the courage to take unusual paths coupled with fact-driven analysis makes us the best Shopify agency.

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Servant Leadership

At BACKWARDS BOX, we embody servant leadership. Our leaders prioritize the needs of our team, fostering a collaborative and empowering environment. We listen attentively, remove obstacles, and provide growth opportunities. Leading by example with humility and empathy, we nurture personal and professional development. Together, we create a culture of trust, respect, and innovation for exceptional results.



Let's Start Together

We Invest
in YOU!

You will become a specialist in the field of world-leading software for e-commerce. That’s why it is extremely important to us that you continue to develop personally and professionally and progress with us. We give you the opportunity to enhance your skills, work flexibly, and be part of something significant. Challenge yourself, learn from team collaboration, and work on demanding projects to become an expert.

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If you've made it this far, we really want to get to know you.